Cable knit baby hats

One of my first baby projects was a cable knit hat. I used the “Otis” hat pattern from Joy Boath on Ravelry. It’s a nice simple little pattern. If you’ve never knit cables it’s a good one to cut your teeth on.

The first version I knit out of some super soft blue acrylic that I received as a hand me down from a friend who quit knitting.

Cable knit infant hat

I gave this to Jen and Mike for their baby Eris.

For the second version, I modified the pattern a little to make the brim a k3p3 rib instead of straight garter stitch. I used the last bits of a skein of green super soft cotton yarn that Alice gave me. I love the yarn, but it’s pretty heavy so the hat ended up quite large. It’s still too big for my 3 month old, but I suspect it’ll come in useful for those foggy summer San Francisco days.

Cable baby hat

Update: Here’s a picture of my baby, now 4.5 months old, wearing the green hat. It fits her great and is sooooooo cute!

Winter baby bear hat

Another baby sewing project that I completed while I was pregnant was this absurdly cute winter baby bear hat.

The project was a bit frustrating because my sewing machine couldn’t handle the 8,000 layers of fleece that has to be sewn through to attach the ears to the hat. I ended up hand sewing a lot. Also, the hat ended up tiny. I realized too late that the pattern says to add a 1/2″ seam allowance… oops. So the hat barely fit my baby even when she was a newborn. Not that she needed it; this California “winter” we’re having barely dropped below 60 degrees fahrenheit. Grumble. (I shouldn’t complain but the persistent drought and warm weather bode for bad times in my home state.)

BUT ENOUGH DOOM AND GLOOM! The hat turned out ridiculously adorable, and that’s all that really matters. Right?

Baby bear hat

Baby bear hat

Modeling the bear hat I made her

Baby bonnets

When I was pregnant, my friend Ali posted about an adorable baby bonnet she made for her baby. When I inquired as to the pattern, she pointed me to this Purl Bee pattern. It seriously doesn’t get much more precious than that!

I made two, one flannel lined and a little smaller, for my little winter newborn, and another in the 6 month size that’s cotton lined.

For the flannel-lined bonnet, I used some leftovers from my receiving blankets project. I love this fabric. It’s called “Wild Bush Flowers” by Layla Campbell. It took me a while to realize it’s inspired by Australian Aboriginal art!

I made a baby sun bonnet! It's flannel lined for winter.

I made a baby sun bonnet! It's flannel lined for winter.

She’s 3 months old and it still fits her!

Here’s the other, larger version I made for summer picnics:

Another bonnet

Another bonnet


Baby hats

I guess I’ve been remiss in posting in this blog with any regularity. The latest excitement is that I’m pregnant! 27 weeks now. This is me last week:

I’m getting to the point where sitting — and being on the laptop — is pretty uncomfortable. I’m really bored of lying around reading facebook so I’ve started getting crafty again. My first baby craft project was a couple of simple little jersey hats. Super easy project! These each only take me an hour or so, and I’m a sloooooow sewist.

I got the tutorial from the Spoonflower blog.

The first hat I made has a little dino on it. Aww.

As a nod to my husband’s request to “a hat with fire on it”, I made one with the Interpretive Arson flame on it. (IA is a fire art group my husband, and to a lesser extent I, have been a part of for closing in on a decade now.) I might go back and replace the center of the flame with yellow jersey instead of orange, since I had a chance to pick some up at Stone Mountain last weekend.

Lastly, one important lesson I learned was that cats do not make very good baby hat models.

Matching hat and gloves for Ed

Because I loved how my Berroco Jasper/Karabella hat turned out, I made one for (my then-boyfriend, now-husband) Ed. He is fond of blacks and dark greys so the charcoal color I picked out was perfect for him.

Ed's hat

I decided to make matching fingerless gloves for him, since he spends a lot of time outside and is always cold.

Knitted fingerless glove for Ed

The pattern I went with was Dashing from Knitty (by Cheryl Niamath) and the yarn is Berroco Jasper again. It knitted up a little larger than expected. I started making the “larger” size but it was too big so I decreased to the “smaller” size. The finished size came out somewhere between the pattern’s “smaller” and “larger” sizes. They’re maybe a touch big on me, which is perfect for Ed. If I ever make these for myself, I’ll be using the same yarn but smaller needles.

Knitted fingerless glove for Ed

Armwarmers for Ed, finally done

Favorite winter hat

Browsing the mounds of gorgeous yarn at Article Pract, I fell in love with Berroco Jasper, a luxuriously soft single ply merino that came in deliciously rich jewel tones (sadly, many of which have been discontinued). I bought it in raspberry, ocean blue, and a deep warm grey.

With the raspberry, I decided to make myself a cozy winter hat. The pattern I chose was Karabella Rib Hat and Scarf, having seen an internet friend knit the same pattern and really liking the results.

Raspberry hat :)

Though I knit this hat nearly 5 years ago, I still find myself going to it first for cold outdoor activities. It’s super warm (even when wet), a fantastic color, and — being a natural fiber — is safe around fiery activities (a concern for a burner like me). My only gripe is that my head is slightly too big for it, so it ends up sliding up my head and looking pointed on top, like a kewpie doll.

My favorite part of this pattern is the way the decreases make a spiral star pattern to the top of the head.


A hat for Ed

When my husband and I started dating, one of my first gifts to him was a hand-knit hat.

I made it out of a super-soft alpaca/merino blend yarn from Lang Yarns called “Naima”. I got it at Article Pract in Oakland. If you’ve never been to Article Pract, I highly recommend it: their staff is wonderful and their yarns are luxurious.

The pattern is called “Hot Head”, from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. I made a few modifications to account for gauge difference.

Hat I knitted for Ed for his birthday

Here’s me, taking it for a spin:

Day 012: A hat for the Rabbit.

The final product is very light as it has a fairly loose knit, but because it’s alpaca/merino it’s still incredibly warm.