Purple knitted teddy bear

Confidence bolstered by the octopus, I decided to go for something a bit more challenging and knit a Vera teddy bear for my future baby. I went to ImagiKnit picked out a beautiful purple yarn from Malabrigo called Rios (872 Purpuras colorway).

This pattern is nuts. It’s also flawless. It has a nonstandard way of communicating what to do, but once you figure it out it’s pretty easy. You just have to carefully follow each step and after a while a bear takes shape. I loved the details like purl stitches to mark where ears, eyes, and nose go (and make it easier to pick up stitches to attach those features).

I have started my Vera bear
Starting the head

Vera bear head is done! Well, minus eyes, ears, and mouth.
Head completed, minus ears, eyes, and nose

Vera bear is looking a little creepy right now...
Mildly creepy stage

Almost there!
Almost there…

Vera bear is done!

Vera bear is done!

Now, three months later, posing with baby Maya

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