Soft block toy

This is a little project I threw together in an hour or so. I thought the baby might like having a soft squishy block with different colors and types of fabrics to look at and touch.

Soft block toy

I cut 6″ squares out of various fabrics I had in my stash (including some bright orange fun fur left over from Hairy Larvae) and sewed them together in a cube. I left the last seam open, stuffed it with polyfil, and hand sewed it the rest of the way.

The baby loves it! The colors and textures are really fun to look at and the orange fur gives her something to grab hold of. It’s the perfect size for her to grab with both arms and legs.

Maya loves her soft block toy

Unfortunately the fun fur sheds and sticks to her clammy little mitts. I also didn’t put enough stuffing in, and I don’t like how the hand-sewn seam looks. I think I might partially dissect it, replacing the fun fur with Minky Shaggy Cuddle, which was recommended by someone at Stone Mountain as it’s specifically designed for things like stuffed animals.


mooflyfoof - Photo by Ed Hunsinger
Photo by Ed Hunsinger

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