Rainbow baby sweater

Still couch-ridden in my 9th month of pregnancy, I decided to knit a baby cardigan out of the gorgeous skein of rainbow handspun yarn my aunt Erika made for me.

Gorgeous yarn my aunt Erika spun for me to make things for the baby. I could get lost in it!

The pattern I picked was “In Threes”, by Kelly Herdrich on Ravelry.

Start of a larger project

I’d never knit a sweater before — I’d always lost interest before I got very far — but I had confidence that this one would be different because it was so small and the yarn was so special. Plus I had a very firm deadline and I wasn’t sure when it would arrive! Talk about motivation.

I finished the yoke! Hopefully I have enough yarn for the whole sweater, but I have my doubts...

I ended up finishing the sweater in about a day and a half. (I’m a pretty slow knitter, truth be told.)

I'm not going to have enough rainbow yarn to finish this sweater. Which of these should I finish it with?

Turns out I didn’t have quite enough yarn, so I had to pick another yarn to finish the last few rows with. I ended up choosing the fucshia-purple on the left in the photo above.

Button detail

I finished it off with three mother-of-pearl buttons — it was the only thing I could think of that would truly match the yarn!

All done!

It’s still pretty big on my baby but she’ll grow into it soon. I can’t wait!

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