Cable knit baby hats

One of my first baby projects was a cable knit hat. I used the “Otis” hat pattern from Joy Boath on Ravelry. It’s a nice simple little pattern. If you’ve never knit cables it’s a good one to cut your teeth on.

The first version I knit out of some super soft blue acrylic that I received as a hand me down from a friend who quit knitting.

Cable knit infant hat

I gave this to Jen and Mike for their baby Eris.

For the second version, I modified the pattern a little to make the brim a k3p3 rib instead of straight garter stitch. I used the last bits of a skein of green super soft cotton yarn that Alice gave me. I love the yarn, but it’s pretty heavy so the hat ended up quite large. It’s still too big for my 3 month old, but I suspect it’ll come in useful for those foggy summer San Francisco days.

Cable baby hat

Update: Here’s a picture of my baby, now 4.5 months old, wearing the green hat. It fits her great and is sooooooo cute!

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