Baby hats

I guess I’ve been remiss in posting in this blog with any regularity. The latest excitement is that I’m pregnant! 27 weeks now. This is me last week:

I’m getting to the point where sitting — and being on the laptop — is pretty uncomfortable. I’m really bored of lying around reading facebook so I’ve started getting crafty again. My first baby craft project was a couple of simple little jersey hats. Super easy project! These each only take me an hour or so, and I’m a sloooooow sewist.

I got the tutorial from the Spoonflower blog.

The first hat I made has a little dino on it. Aww.

As a nod to my husband’s request to “a hat with fire on it”, I made one with the Interpretive Arson flame on it. (IA is a fire art group my husband, and to a lesser extent I, have been a part of for closing in on a decade now.) I might go back and replace the center of the flame with yellow jersey instead of orange, since I had a chance to pick some up at Stone Mountain last weekend.

Lastly, one important lesson I learned was that cats do not make very good baby hat models.

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