Succulent arrangement housewarming gift

I was invited to my cousin’s housewarming party weeks ago, but it wasn’t until the very last minute that the perfect housewarming gift occurred to me: a succulent arrangement! I hustled over to Flora Grubb, which is only about a 5 minute drive from my house. Unfortunately, due to dwindling daylight, they had already closed! Fortunately, the nice folks working the shop gave me a few minutes to pick out a pot and some plants – they even helped me pick plants that would be happy together! (Though I got a string of pearls, despite their warnings that it likes less sun than the rest of the plants I picked.)

Planning the arrangement

Top row, L-R:
Spikey green plant: Aloe Hellskloof Bells (Brian Kemble hybrid)
Little white plant: An echeveria of some sort, I think
Fat purple plant: Pachyphytum “Blue Haze”
Fuzzy purple & green plant: Sempervivum “Plum Fuzzy” (so cute!)

Second row L-R:
Purple/pink thinner leaves: Echeveria “Afterglow”
Flat round green lives: a kalanchoe of some sort
Dark purple: dwarf sempervivum

Bottom row L-R:
Sedum of some sort
Pinkish bluish purplish fat leaves: Pachyveria “Blue Pearl”
Yellow: another sedum
Senecio Rowleyanus (varigated string of pearls)


I finished it off with some “rainbow rock” that I had lying around from an earlier adventure at Cactus Jungle.


My cousin really liked the arrangement! I was happy to give him something for his new yard.


I love the contrast between these two. I hope the yellow sedum spreads out!


Plum Fuzzy is so cute!

The kalanchoe in the back is supposed to get pretty big!