More receiving blankets

Well, I guess I haven’t updated in a while… The baby came and I got a little distracted by that!

Fortunately I finished all the receiving/swaddling blankets that I’d set out to make before she arrived. I switched to a bias tape binding method of finishing the edges which I think is much nicer. It’s softer (no more scratchy edges!) and cleaner looking. I used Wright’s double fold quilt bias binding tape, which worked great.

It’s a little tricky to do, but ultimately easier than the mitered corners of the satin binding. First, per Alice‘s suggestion, I used a dinner plate to trace a curve at the corners of the two pieces of fabric. I cut along those curves, and then sewed the fabric together. The bias tape is a little too short for these 42″ squares, so I had to sew two packages worth of tape together (and of course, press them to get rid of the creases that formed in the package). Then I pinned the bias tape binding in place along the edge of the blanket. The pinning process is a little fussy along the curves but it’s worth it!

Sorry I didn’t get any “in process” pics, but here are the final results.

Hazard blanket
Caution tape theme – my husband’s idea

Baby blanket for Lo & Jacy
Elephants for my sister-in-law and her husband’s baby, Jayden

Blanket for Jen & Burstein
Bold patterns for Jen and Mike’s baby, Eris

Ok, ok, I can’t have an “I had a baby!” post without at least one picture of the little nugget. Here’s our little Miss Maya at two days old.

Ed and I made a tiny human! Welcome to the world, Maya Ember

Burp cloths and receiving blankets

I was inspired by my friends Alice and Tom‘s hand made burp cloths and receiving blankets, so I spent a Saturday afternoon at Stone Mountain (one of the best fabric stores EVAR) with Alice picking out some fun fabrics. It was a tough choice – they have so many amazing, fun, colorful prints! I ended up with a nice little pile of fabric.

I followed Alice’s simple advice for making the burp cloths. They are 9″ by half the width of the fabric (roughly 20″), flannel on one side, terry cloth on the other. Sew together wrong sides facing, turn inside out, and sew along the edges. Easy as pie! All told this took about 1/4 yard of flannel and the same amount of terry for 2 burp cloths.

My first one came out nicely.

So I pushed ahead and made the rest.

The receiving (or swaddling) blankets are equally easy. Again, I followed Alice’s advice. Each blanket is a square of whatever the width of the fabric is – usually 42″. Flannel on one side, quilting cotton on the other. Wrong sides together, sew together edges, then add blanket binding and miter the corners (there are a million tutorials on the internet, I just kind of winged it). I used Wright’s satin binding but I’m not 100% in love with it because the edges are kind of scratchy. I’m going to try rounding the corners and using cotton bias binding next. These used 1 1/4 yard each of flannel and quilting fabric, plus the binding. A single package of satin binding — 4.75 yards — is just the right amount for this project.

The first blanket came out surprisingly goth. It’s amazing what black satin can do for a project. My husband, who rarely wears anything but black, really likes this one.

The second blanket is decidedly less goth. I wanted bright, bold, contrasty colors that will keep a baby’s interest.

More to come! So far I’ve only made the two blankets, but I’ve got several more in the pipeline. A few are gifts (babies everywhere!) so I won’t post them here until I’ve given them to their intended recipients. 🙂