Sparkly vinyl pouches

I needed a case for my computer. Not content with the boring cases on the market, I set out to make myself a sparkly red vinyl case. Many a broken needle and outraged curse later, I ended up with something passable.

Sparkly red laptop case

Black and white striped interior!

As you can see, I wasn’t a fantastic sewist at the time (and I still am not). Many things went wrong. For one, I got a separating zipper instead of a closed end zipper, meaning I have to line up the teeth every time I want to close it (like you do with a jacket). The fabric, being exceedingly “sticky” friction-wise wreaked havoc on the sewing machine I had borrowed from a friend. It was enough to put me in tears! But I persevered and ended up with an eye-catching, albeit flawed, computer case.

But that wasn’t enough! I decided I wanted a matching mini pouch to carry small things in my purse. I started the task but rapidly became frustrated with the process. The half-completed pouch sat in my sewing box for (I kid you not) 5 years! Finally, a few months ago I pulled it out and finished it up.

I finally finished up this thinger, which has been clogging up my notions box for over four years

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