Bamboo jersey crochet throw pillow

A friend of mine was getting rid of some old sheets. They were made of the softest material on the planet, a divine bamboo jersey. I was loathe to see that much wonderful material end up in the dumpster so, despite their slightly pilled and holey state, I took them under my care.

The material sat in my fabric stash for a couple of years till I came across a tutorial for making “yarn” out of large swaths of fabric. I don’t remember the site I found it on, but it went something like this. Once I learned I could make “yarn” from fabric, I decided to turn these sheets into something lovely and textured for our home: I would crochet the yarn into a chunky throw pillow.

Evening tableau

I have to be honest: I can’t crochet for crap. That being the case, I winged it (wung it?) and surprisingly it turned out pretty well! I sewed pillow casing out of some heavy, nubby cotton upholstery fabric I had in my stash, then sewed the crocheted circle over the top. I love how textured this piece is!

Crocheted pillow

Crocheted pillow

Crocheted pillow

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